How to Plan the Perfect Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Trip

Trying to plan the best Smoky Mountains Motorcycle trip? Having cruised through and around the Smoky Mountains more than a few times, we know what to do and what not to do for a good time looking out over the most epic views.

5 Tips to Plan the Best Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Trip

#1. Go at the Right Time of Year

The best time to explore the Smoky Mountains on your bike is in the fall. The summer months are hot and humid, and wearing a bunch of motorcycle gear is not conducive to heat. Oppositely, the winter months are frigid cold, and the roads are often covered in snow. Even though the fall season is the best time to visit, there is still always a probability of rain so make sure to bring appropriate gear.

#2. Visit the Village of Helen for Oktoberfest 

A trip to the Village of Helen in GA is like stepping back in history as the town is a replica of a traditional Alpine village, complete with cobblestone streets. It is an especially unique experience if you make it here for the longest Oktoberfest celebration around. There is plenty of food, festivities, and beer so get ready to have a great time. The town’s annual Oktoberfest begins in early September and extends through October.

#3. Take a Ride Through the Chattahoochee National Forest

There are some incredible sights to be seen in this part of the country, especially if you know where to go. Some of our favorite roads near Chattahoochee National Forest include Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiners Hwy, and Tail of the Dragon. The last on the list, Tail of the Dragon, is a clear favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts. The road includes 318 curves over an 11-mile course, get ready for an adrenaline rush. 

#4. Take a Ride Over Blueridge Parkway

Blueridge Parkway is a must! While you’re at it, don’t forget to ride over the Linville Viaduct Bridge. Suspended above the trees, this bridge offers unmatched views of the valley as well as the Smoky Mountains.

#5. Let Living the Dream Do the Planning for You

If you want to plan the most incredible Smoky Mountains motorcycle tour you need an in-depth understanding of the area. There’s a best time of year, or even day, to see particular areas, so timing is important too. That’s where our knowledgeable tour guides come in handy. We expertly plan bucket list trips, including a Blue Ridge & Smokey Mountains Motorcycle Tour that’ll knock your socks off.

From restaurants and bars, to unimaginable views, breathtaking heights, and the best roads to ride down at just the right times, we plan every last detail down to perfection.  Plus, we’ve thought of everything to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Other benefits of riding with us:

  • Experience largely unknown ‘best kept secret’ areas, restaurants, bars, and more.
  • Support vehicle follows behind, carting luggage and offering a ride if you get tired. Backup bikes are kept in the support vehicle in case anything goes wrong with your bike.
  • A professional photographer tags along to capture memorable moments you can cherish forever, and of course, share with everyone on social media.
  • We include gas and oil in your trip
  • There are a variety of motorcycles to choose from, or we can arrange to have your personal bike delivered from your home.
  • Insurance coverage included
  • We take care of the accommodations, so you don’t have to worry about planning a thing!