NE Sea To Summit

Tour Dates: 9/11/2023 - 9/17/2023

New England Sea to Summit and Back Motorcycle Tour

You'll be Living the Dream on the New England Sea to Summit and Back Tour. Picture yourself riding along New England’s rocky coastlines before dipping off into the forest. See the best of what New England has to offer!

Click on the map above to see a day-by-day breakdown of the route. This is subject to change due to traffic, weather, hotel availability, and other issues.

Beautiful New England Ride

Eat lobster fresh out of the bay in Maine, and conquer Mt. Washington Road, one of the most thrilling rides in America. This tour includes a ride on the Kankamangus Highway, and a chance to see incredible places like The Basin at Franconia Notch State Park. Visit Laconia, New Hampshire, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. You can’t forget to stop at destination biker bar Bentley’s Saloon.

In September, temperatures tend to be in the 50’s. In July, temperatures can reach into the 80s. The top of Mt. Washington is at least 30 degrees cooler than the base. Pack layers so you’re prepared for any weather.

Dreaming of attending Laconia Bike Week this year? We offer the same Sea to Summit Tour in June with an additional 2-day stop at Laconia Bike Week.

    • Distance: 1,224 Miles
    • Seat Time: 32 Hours
    • Season: Fall Time
    • Dates: 9/11/2023 - 9/17/2023
    • Length: 7 Days
    • Pricing: Coming Soon!
You haven't had lobster until you try one from Maine. This tour brought me some of the best experiences of my life. Recommended for everyone!Phil Verone

We Include Everything You Will Need Along The Way

When you go on a Living The Dream guided tour you're not going to have to worry about spending a ton of money along the way. Included in our tours will be almost everything you will need during the trip. Not included is your airfare, food and drinks.

  • Motorcycle Rental

    Choose from a variety of makes and models to fit your riding style.

  • Hotel/Motel Rooms

    Let us do the work. We take the hassle out of booking your hotels.

  • Gasoline & Oil

    All of the gas and oil needed is included when you book your tour.

  • Photographer

    A photography will take pictures and video to capture all the incredible sights.

  • Support Vehicle

    We have supplies and space for luggage to make your trip a success.

  • Insurance Coverage

    No need to stress, we have you covered if there are any damages.

Daily Itinerary

Below is your daily itinerary. You will see the planned route as well as what you will see on any given day of the tour. Please be advised that this itinerary can change due to weather, traffic, hotel availability, or other issues.

  • The ride begins in Boston headed towards the Green Mountains of Vermont. Pass though rolling hills, rural farms and charming small towns that seem to spring up out of the forest. Keep your eyes peeled for deer and moose! Spend the first night in Bennington, a town known for its rich American history and savory craft beers.
    • Distance: 139 Miles
    • Seat Time: 4 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • On the way out of Bennington, ride north the length of the Green Mountains before heading east into New Hampshire. Grab a late lunch in Laconia, the world’s first host of Bike Week and where motorcycle races originated. (Quick Quiz: When did motorcycle racing begin? Answer: right after they made the second motorcycle.) After lunch, ride up into the White Mountains to the town of Lincoln where you’ll stay in the hollows of Franconia Notch.
    • Distance: 209 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Take Kankamangus Hwy (watch for Moose) towards Conway, New Hampshire. From here, ride through rural Maine to the coast for some lobster in Freeport. Follow US-1 along the inner coast towards a striking Rockport lighthouse located at the tip of a mile-long jetty. Stretch out your legs before heading to Camden to visit Mt Battie Tower. The Tower overlooks a huge portion of the rugged Coastline of Maine. While in Camden for the night, enjoy craft beer and good food on a safe harbor.
    • Distance: 171 Miles
    • Seat Time: 4.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Day four starts with a short ride to Bar Harbor. Stop near Fort Knox and take an elevator to the top of Penobscot Narrows Bridge—the views are incredible. Ride around and explore Acadia National Park for a good portion of the day, checking out Thunder Hole, Cadillac Mountain, and bright blue lakes. The bayside town of Bar Harbor offers food, drinks, and entertainment before heading inland for more mountain riding.
    • Distance: 77 Miles
    • Seat Time: 1.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Spend most of the day riding through rural Maine. Stop at Smalls Falls for a short hike, partake in cliff diving with locals (if you dare), or venture up Height of Land for spectacular views of surrounding lakes and mountains. Cruise along two-lane back roads, past farms, fields, and heavily wooded forests. Stop in Farmington, Main to fill up on comfort pub food. Top off the day in Rumford where you’ll experience the authentic small town flavor of old Maine.
    • Distance: 210 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Conquer one of the scariest rides in America on Mt Washington Auto Road. There’s always the option to take the shuttle to the top. Temperatures decrease by 30 to 40 degrees at the summit. With adrenaline still racing, explore the natural wonders of Franconia Notch National Park. Including a stop at The Basin for a hike up to a "step" waterfall to see the result of water flowing over solid rock for millions of years. Next, it’s back over Kankamangus Hwy and onwards to Conway for craft beer, entertainment and great food. Stay in town for the remainder of the afternoon or take a side trip to see Silver Falls and the Mt. Washington Hotel and Resort.
    • Distance: 218 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Ride back across Maine to see Portland Headlamp, the most photographed Lighthouse in Maine. Navigate alongside the coast, riding through Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunkport. Look out for prime views of Bush's coastal estate. Have lunch at the famous biker destination Bentley’s Saloon before riding back towards Boston on Hwy 1.
    • Distance: 200 Miles
    • Seat Time: 6 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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