California Dreaming

Tour Dates: 5/26/2023 - 6/1/2023

California Dreaming, Sierra Parks, and Pacific Coast Highway

Cruise through Redwood forests, granite peaks and seaside cliffs, you will be Living the Dream on the best back roads of central California. This tour takes you along the Pacific Coast Highway, along the Sierra Mountains, and into Yosemite Valley.

Click on the map above to see a day-by-day breakdown of the route. This is subject to change due to traffic, weather, hotel availability, and other issues.

Breathtaking West Coast Adventure

This bike tour leaves Los Angeles via a short stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) before heading inland. From there, we climb over 10,000 feet above sea level through the Sequoia Redwoods and down into the great Yosemite Valley.

Continue along the backside of the Sierra mountains and stay in South Lake Tahoe before heading to the coast at Monterey Peninsula. There’s nothing like riding all day down the beautiful Pacific Coast Hwy. You’ll move on through Big Sur and into Pismo Beach for some sand dune four-wheeling fun at sunset. Ride past famous landmarks like Hearst Castle and Elephant Seal Beach. End off with a ride through Ventura County heading back to LA. This ride is typically warm to hot, however leathers may be required when riding above 7,000-feet.

    • Distance: 1,409 Miles
    • Seat Time: 35.5 Hours
    • Season: Summer Time
    • Dates: 5/26/2023 - 6/1/2023
    • Length: 7 Days
    • Pricing: Coming Soon!
The redwood forest on the California Dreaming Tour was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Justin Turner

We Include Everything You Will Need Along The Way

When you go on a Living The Dream guided tour you're not going to have to worry about spending a ton of money along the way. Included in our tours will be almost everything you will need during the trip. Not included is your airfare, food and drinks.

  • Motorcycle Rental

    Choose from a variety of makes and models to fit your riding style.

  • Hotel/Motel Rooms

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  • Gasoline & Oil

    All of the gas and oil needed is included when you book your tour.

  • Photographer

    A photography will take pictures and video to capture all the incredible sights.

  • Support Vehicle

    We have supplies and space for luggage to make your trip a success.

  • Insurance Coverage

    No need to stress, we have you covered if there are any damages.

Daily Itinerary

Below is your daily itinerary. You will see the planned route as well as what you will see on any given day of the tour. Please be advised that this itinerary can change due to weather, traffic, hotel availability, or other issues.

  • Leave Los Angeles heading north on the PCH through Malibu and into Ventura County. The ride over Pine Mountain pass onto Maricopa Hwy is one of the best kept secrets in Southern California. If it’s open, we make a stop at The Place, home to the best BLTs and sandwiches in the Las Padres National Forest. The other option is authentic mouth-watering Mexican food in Taft just up the road. The next leg of the journey across the San Joaquin Valley won't seem like much in comparison to the morning’s amazing sights and windy roads. But just wait until you approach the night’s stay at Three Rivers, an incredible location tucked at the foot of the mountains.
    • Distance: 282 Miles
    • Seat Time: 7 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Spend the first part of the day climbing amazing roads with breathtaking views to reach the Giant Sequoia Trees in Sequoia National Park. Take a short hike to the General Sherman Tree, the largest known living tree in the world. Then, ride out of the forest through the geographical center of California to vistas of Pine Flat Lake and Bass Lake nestled in the foothills. Stay the night in Oakhurst for good food and fun.
    • Distance: 154 Miles
    • Seat Time: 4.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Get an early start to beat the crowds into Yosemite National Park for the most spectacular sights you can imagine. Take short hikes to the bottom of Bridal Vail and Lower Yosemite Falls before getting back on the road. Climb up to 10,000-feet for incredible views and a close look at the majestic granite mountain tops. Leave the Park at Mono Lake and enjoy a nice ride up to South Lake Tahoe.
    • Distance: 232 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Some may decide to rest easy at the hotel and south shore beach of Lake Tahoe. You could also try your luck at casinos on the NV side of town. There is a great gondola ride to a mountain top with huge views. You could also spend the day riding with the tour guide around the Lake (don’t forget to take pictures of Emerald Bay) and stopping for lunch in Virginia City. South Tahoe is a busy tourist destination that offers great bars, live music and shows in the afternoons and evenings. The restaurant on the beach has a fantastic view of the sunset over the distant peaks with a good menu as well. Everything is within walking distance.
    • Distance: 97 Miles
    • Seat Time: 2.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • On day five, we hurriedly head back west across the valley and up to the Pacific Coast Highway. Ride over changing scenery and enjoy cooler weather as the city of Monterey comes into view. Spend the evening downtown at the famous Cannery Row and watch sea lions playing in the waves from some of the best cliff-side seafood restaurants in the world. **Currently there is a section of PCH that is closed between Lucia and Cambria. It should be reopened by August, if not day 5 will use this route: CLICK HERE.
    • Distance: 281 Miles
    • Seat Time: 6 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Take a slow ride south on the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur before stopping for a short hike to a waterfall that spills over to the shoreline. Ride past famous landmarks like Hearst Castle and Elephant Seal Beach. Finish the day in Pismo Beach where you can hike down to Dinosaur Caves or rent a four-wheeler and ride epic sand dunes.
    • Distance: 152 Miles
    • Seat Time: 4 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • We saved a great last day’s ride through Solvang, a Dutch village with wonderful architecture, shops and cultural foods. Then it’s on to Cold Springs Tavern, a stage coach stop from over 100 years ago. From there, it’s over the San Marcus pass and into Ventura County around Lake Casitas. Ride through Casitas Springs where Johnny Cash made his home for many years before heading back to the PCH. Stop for the best fish tacos at Neptune's Net and then it’s on to LA to finish this remarkable bucket list adventure.
    • Distance: 211 Miles
    • Seat Time: 6 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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