Arizona Bike Week

Tour Dates: 3/26/2023 - 4/2/2023

Arizona Bike Week With Las Vegas Motorcycle Tour

If you are trying to go to Arizona Bike Week, this is the tour for you. Not only will you get to experience the event itself, you will get the added benefit of it being built into a loop that takes you through California, Nevada, and Arizona!

Click on the map above to see a day-by-day breakdown of the route. This is subject to change due to traffic, weather, hotel availability, and other issues.

Unforgettable Arizona Adventure

The Premier South West Bike Event of the Year is in Scottsdale AZ, and this ride will have you Living the Dream as you enjoy a few stops in Southern California, a night of trying your luck in Las Vegas and spending two nights and a day at Arizona Bike Weeks shows, Venders and Events! Ride through Sedona, stay on historic Route 66 and cruise / stop along the south rim of the Grand Canyon before opening the throttle back to LA.

    • Distance: 1,644 Miles
    • Seat Time: 31.5 Hours
    • Season: Spring Time
    • Dates: 3/26/2023 - 4/2/2023
    • Length: 8 Days
    • Pricing: Coming Soon!
Arizona Bike Week was an amazing experience. We loved the experience and treatment we received from Living The Dream. Highly recommended!Andrea S.

We Include Everything You Will Need Along The Way

When you go on a Living The Dream guided tour you're not going to have to worry about spending a ton of money along the way. Included in our tours will be almost everything you will need during the trip. Not included is your airfare, food and drinks.

  • Motorcycle Rental

    Choose from a variety of makes and models to fit your riding style.

  • Hotel/Motel Rooms

    Let us do the work. We take the hassle out of booking your hotels.

  • Gasoline & Oil

    All of the gas and oil needed is included when you book your tour.

  • Photographer

    A photography will take pictures and video to capture all the incredible sights.

  • Support Vehicle

    We have supplies and space for luggage to make your trip a success.

  • Insurance Coverage

    No need to stress, we have you covered if there are any damages.

Daily Itinerary

Below is your daily itinerary. You will see the planned route as well as what you will see on any given day of the tour. Please be advised that this itinerary can change due to weather, traffic, hotel availability, or other issues.

  • Getting out of LA and onto the road will have you Living the Dream in no time. Start with a ride along the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu and Ventura before heading into the foothills. A stop at Cold Springs Tavern (Very Old Stage Coach stop in San Marcos Pass) and on through Solvang (a Dutch culture inspired Village Pismo Beach), before finishing the day at Pismo Beach. Sign up this eve for some 4 wheel sand dune riding first thing in the morning.
    • Distance: 211 Miles
    • Seat Time: 6 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Kickstart the day with a 2-hour ATV rental! You can ride the sand dunes in Oceano or scale the cliffs of Dinosaur Caves Park before heading out east. Ride past the intersection where James Dean crashed and then head towards Bakersfield. Power on through the Kern River Gorge where you can see Lake Isabella on the way to Ridgecrest. Stay in the desert town where the night sky is unpolluted by light.
    • Distance: 237 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Day three takes us through Death Valley National Park over the lowest highway in North America. At 275 feet below sea level, this is a dry and hot ride even first thing in the morning. Lots of water is highly recommended. After riding through hell and back, we stop at Mountain Springs Saloon and Red Rocks before a night in Las Vegas.
    • Distance: 276 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Day four it’s time to cruise down the highway towards Scottsdale for Arizona Bike Week. This journey takes you past Lake Mead and the Hoover Damn (stop for a photo). Enjoy the shows and events of Bike Week for the night. Day five, spend the day and night in and around Scottsdale/Phoenix at the venders, events and shows of Bike Week
    • Distance: 307 Miles
    • Seat Time: 4.75 Hours
    • Length: 2 Day
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  • Ride through The Tonto National Forest and have the best burgers ever in the Haunted (reputedly) cliff-side town of Jerome. Next up, drop into the vortex of Sedona, AZ. The ride up to famous Rte. 66 from Sedona is arguably one of the nicest rides in the South West USA. Follow Rte 66 to Williams and stay in a town that seems to be stuck in the 1950's embracing the "Mother Road" culture of Rte. 66.
    • Distance: 294 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • Explore the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park-- so many amazing overlooks! Next ride Rte. 66 through small towns that used to be buzzing with Rte. 66 travelers before I40 was constructed in Kingman, AZ.
    • Distance: 294 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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  • To finish this amazing adventure, take the interstate all the way back to LA.
    • Distance: 319 Miles
    • Seat Time: 5.5 Hours
    • Length: 1 Day
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