The Very Best USA Guided Motorcycle Tours

There’s nothing like an all-American Motorcycle Tour, especially one created and led by Living the Dream. This is no commercial tour! We offer a truly authentic backroad experience created and led by an eclectic mix of bikers and bike enthusiasts who want you to live the dream right alongside them as you tour National Parks, jaw-dropping roads, bucket-list biker bars, and so much more.  Our tours are not for the faint of heart, they are designed for the weekend warrior!

5 Things That Set Us Apart from the Competition

Authentic Backroad Experience

There are commercial tours that’ll take you to the best-known sites—regardless if it’s the right time of year to see them or not. Then, there’s us, and we are anything but a corporate company. We would never dream of selling you a tour that doesn’t offer the best experience possible.

While commercial tours tend to ride the same rides 10 or 12 times a year, our tours are specifically planned according to weather, crowds, and so forth. All our tours are planned at the ideal time of year, even down to the best days and weeks to see some sights. Boring interstate roads are kept to a minimum! Plus, we don’t just take the road most traveled, we go to unique destinations that’ll take your breath away and give you stories to share for a lifetime.

Motorcycle Tours Led by Experienced Bikers

Tours are led by up to 2 guides, thus offering alternate routes in some cases. All tour guides live to travel and ride and have in-depth knowledge and experience to share along the way. Their passion shines through, offering unmatched insights for a truly jaw-dropping experience.

Our tours include popular sights as well as sights few people even know exist. The ability to offer such a unique experience comes from the fact we hire experienced life-long bikers who have ridden from coast-to-coast. They know the best biker bars, vantage points, restaurants, entertainment, and hidden gems because they have explored these very roads for years. For instance, picture yourself riding up and over the Rocky Mountains to a remote campground where you can dip your toes in a flowing river. You won’t find unique experiences like this on any other tour.

All-Inclusive Packages for All-American Motorcycle Tours

All-inclusive packages include just about everything except for the 3 f’s: fuel, food, and flight. We take care of everything else, from bike rentals to hotel accommodations so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Visit Motorcycle Rallies

Several of our tours either start at or include stops at must-see motorcycle rallies like Sturgis and Las Vegas BikeFest. Just a few more things to check off your bucket list!

We Thought of Everything So You Don’t Have To

All tours are followed by a courtesy van with trailer that’ll carry your bags so you don’t have to. Plus, if you get tired, overheated, or simply want a break from riding, you can always jump in the van and stick your bike on the trailer for a bit.

We highly recommend bringing your own camera along (or at least your cell phone) so you can get pictures of the incredible places we’ll go. Although, we invite professional photographers to capture images, video, and drone footage at some of the most awe-inspiring destinations along the way. 

In addition, just in case something would go wrong, we have a variety of measures in place to prevent your trip from turning sour. For instance, let’s say your bike has an issue. No need to fret, we have an additional bike in the trailer ready to go.

Do you want to start Living the Dream with us? Check out our wide range of motorcycle tours!